Our History

Connexxs is the forth in a line of companies founded, managed or coordinated by Connexxs executives. Our first company grew from a need we saw in the operations of large natural gas fired cogeneration plants we developed. In those plants we needed an automated means to know how much gas we had available to use during each day and on what pipeline it would be delivered, if called upon.

From the cogeneration experience we co-founded a company that now remotely monitors over 6,000 natural gas compressors throughout the US and Canada. This company uses both the cell data networks and satellite communications to provide its customers with the best service at the lowest costs.

Our next company took the military market from the first company and developed a remote monitoring and control network for very advanced weapons systems. This network allowed two branches of the US military and the integration contractor for the many types of sensor and weapons on each weapons platform to remotely monitor their operations in near real time. The experts on these systems in the US, could monitor the operations of the platforms in Iraq. Our years long contract was performed without any down time in operations.

This same company next became the Network Operations Center (NOC) for the world’s largest privately owned off-shore oil and gas ship logistics and services company. Our company provided a constantly changing network for delivery of voice (VoIP), high definition, subsea video, and data from the fleets’ ship operations. This was also the network for the many ports, ship yards, and regional headquarters to communicate with the fleet and with one another. Our NOC in Denver provided worldwide service to all of these activities with nearly flawless precision.

Our next company after we sold the prior company to the ship owners, is a company that is now the world leader in SaaS and a network platform for the Precision Agriculture market. This company now is providing the logistics platform for a billion dollar farm Co-Op and the world’s largest agriculture machinery manufacturer. Growers use the platform to allow them to easily integrate the many kinds of agronomy expertise that help today’s precision agriculture to produce the highest possible yields at the lowest possible costs.

Connexxs is a Value Added Reseller for this last company and provides Last Mile Communications that allow farm equipment of all types to be remotely monitored in real time. In some cases the large data files required for operations are delivered to and from the Internet as the equipment is being used.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations.